Future Save the Dates


March to April 2015

[21 March] Tattered Rags: The Art of Boro, Lecture, Textile Arts Council, Koret Auditorium, De Young Museum, San Francisco, CA. 10 am.

[28 March- 04 April] Workshop at Richmond Art Center, “Boro: A Dialogue with Material Patched, Pieced and Darned”, 2 Saturday classes, 10am-4pm

April to May 2015

[25 April – 02 May] Workshop at Richmond Art Center, “Boro: A Dialogue with Material Patched, Pieced and Darned,” details TBD

[22 May – 08 June] SFS Japan Tour: Registration Now Open

July-August 2015

Slow Fiber Studios presents: Jiro Yonezawa from Japan, basketry artist and sculptor, Bay Area, CA

[07-09 August] Memory on Cloth: A Dialog with Material – Indigo and Boro workshop, Mendocino Arts Center, Mendocino, CA. Register Here

October-November 2015

[ 04-07 October] Arrowmont Pre-Intensive Workshop in association with SDA Intensive

[ 28 October – 11 November] LHR “Insider’s Tour to Japan”

Past Events

March to April 2015

[13-15 March] Boro and Indigo Workshop, at The Kaneko, 9am – 4pm

[12 March] Lecture about Meisen Kimono Collection at The Kaneko, 7 pm

February to March 2015

[13 February – 07 March] – SFS India Tour

[06 Feburary – 25 April] Yoshiko’s Meisen Kimono collection on exhibition at The Kaneko, Omaha, NB

[04 March] Presentation in partnership with Priya Ravish Mehra, in a program called “Bearing Witness” at the Amaltas Hall at Habitat Centre, 7 pm. New Delhi, India. Hosted by the Lila Foundation.
[05 March] Workshop, demo and lecture at Sanskriti Kendra on BORO and organic indigo dyeing. Contact Ms. Shubhra Tandon for details. <shubhra [at] sanskritifoundation [dot] org>

December 2012

[7] Thailand & China, Research Conference at China National Silk Museum

[27th-3rd]Release of DVD Natural Dye Workshop II with Michel Garcia “Colors of the Americas on Wool fibers using Sustainable Methods”

May-June 2013

[05 May] Kimono Celebration, a Slow Fiber Studios Talk & Demo in Berkeley, CA

[16 May – 6 June] SFS Tour, Japan [16 June – 23 June] Hangzhou, China, China Academy of Art

July-August 2013

[20 July – 9 August]Session 5 Workshop-Boro Transformed: Quilting, patching, resist-dyeing, organic indigo vat, and creating memories on clothPenland School of Crafts, Penland, NC

[17-23 August] Exhibition:  “mnēmonikos: – Art of Memory in Contemporary Textile Art,” Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

[22-30 August] November,2013

[25-29 August] Hangzhou, Shanghai, China

September-October 2013

[20 – 21 September] Safekeeper Vest Trunk SHow, 696 Hilldale Ave, Berkeley, CA

[24 September – 14 October] Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia, International Forum for Natural Dyes, Lauris, France

[17-20 October] Master Class-Memory on Cloth: A Dialogue with MaterialArrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN

November-December 2013

[23 Oct – 07 Nov] Tour, LongHouse Reserve Reserve Insider’s Tour to Japan

[08 Nov] JTAC Gallery Tours for Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand

[10 Nov] Mini-symposium at JTAC with Kinor Jiang and Guoxiang Yuan from HK and Masha Mioni from Switzerland moderated by Yoshiko, Bangkok, Thailand

March 2014

[15 March] Organic Indigo Vat Lecture and Demo w/ Aline Dargie at The Possible, Berkeley Art Museum.

[18 March] Film Screening and Indigo Vat Demonstration at the UC Botanical Gardens.

April 2014


Release of NDW III “Colors of Europe”

May-June 2014

[23 May – 09 June] SFS Tour, Japan:

  • [19(18) – 23 May, 2014] Pre-Tour Extension to Benesse Art Site and Islands
  • [23 (22) May – 09 June, 2013] Main SFS Program

[15-21 June] Shakerag 2014

[23-26 June] 4 Day Workshop for CTS C0-Op Members, Contemporary Textile Studio, Toronto, CANADA

[25 June] Public Lecture: Slow FiberContemporary Textile Studio, Toronto, CANADA

[27-29] 3 Day Workshop for the public, Contemporary Textile Studio, Toronto, CANADA

July 2014

[19-20 July] Workshop at the Seattle Asian Art Museum for the exhibition Deco Japan

[25 July] Lecture at the Seattle Asian Art Museum for the exhibition Deco Japan

August-November 2014

[02 August] Lecture: Tattered Rags, LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

August 2014

[26 August] Lecture on Slow Fiber Studios for SDA Alberta, Organized by I of the Needle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

[27-28 August] Workshop on Organic Dyes to Pigments for SDA Alberta, Organized by I of the Needle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

[29-31 August] Workshop on Shibori as 3-D Transformation for SDA Alberta, Organized by I of the Needle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

September 2014

[10-14 September] : TSA Conference, Los Angeles, CA
[26,27 September] : Safekeeper Vest Truck Show, Bay Area, CA

October 2014

[14-16 October] ISEND/ WEFT, Taipei, Taiwan
[13 October] Opening of the 9ISS exhibitions, Hangzhou, China

[October 31st-Nov. 4] 9th International Shibori Symposium, China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou

November 2014

[5-6 November] Post-Conference Tour to Wenzhou, China
[6-15 November] Post-Conference Silk Road Tour, China

December 2014

[05 December- 13 February] Opening of Mnemonikos at the Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textile and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

[09 December] Slow Fiber Talk, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, S710 (The Hub), Block A, PMQ, Hong Kong, China.

[12 December ] Opening of Contemporary Art of Shibori and Ikat at Foshan Art Institute, Foshan, China.