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A list of common topics covered in workshops, seminars, lecture presentations and talks. If your organization is interested in inviting Yoshiko to speak, teach or write about any of these subjects or similar, please contact us.
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workshop topics.

On shibori: tyeing, stitching, folding, pole wrapping, clamping, are used alone or in combination to resist selective areas on cloth and compressed to resist dyes or chemicals, heat or agitation to create permanent memories on cloth.

On recycling: re-fashioning materials; transforming textures; exploring the concept of boro. 1. Sample Stitching Exercise 2. Download example PDF 

On dyeing: working with indigo; shibori and surface design; etc

On kimono: cultural identification; fashion and wear; construction techniques; etc

On Transformation: Material . Magic . Memory: manipulating cloth; working with special silks and wools and polyesters; combining fabrics; dimensional shaping; permanent textures; etc.

lecture topics.

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Traditional Japanese Subjects

Contemporary Japanese Subjects

Indian Subjects

World Textile Subjects 

Sustainability in Textile Design & Production

student feedback.

“Yoshiko is simply a fantastic person! I met her in two workshops and I organized our day with the Swedish Shibori Society; she was full of energy, very interested in everyone’s works, questions and opinions!” – Maya Kesslar, Board Member, The Swedish Shibori Society

“I paid close attention during MAC workshop to everything you said about preparation and care of 1-2-3 vat.  Having done so achieved good results with my first batch of nui stitched cotton aprons.  Traveling to Mendocino to work with you was so beneficial, and I am grateful for the time spent there.  While aprons are a mundane item — not really art — working in this medium gives me an opportunity to experiment with a range of ideas. My next task is to get comfortable with media methods to show results of my work.” – Margaret Mills, attended a workshop at the Mendocino Art Centre in 2015