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July 2017 Boro Transformed: Mending, Patching, Piecing And Stitching at the Madeline Island School of the Arts, La Pointe, WI.


December 2016 Gothenburg, “RESIST DYED TEXTILES – A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE” Public Lecture at Museum of World Cultures

November 2016 George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum, present Yoshiko Wada with George Hewitt Myers Award.

November 2016 Co-chair of the 10th International Shibori & Ikat Symposium, Oaxaca, Mexico

October – November 2016 Oaxaca, Mexico

October 2016 Textile Society of America, Biennial Symposium, Savannah, GA

October 2016 Lecture on Cochineal, University of California Botanical Garden

September 2016 “Miesen” lecture hosted by the Textile Arts Council at De Young Museum, San Francisco

September – October 2016 China, leading the LongHouse Reserve Tour program

June 2016 Hipcamp Campout 03, Sustainable Organic Indigo Vat, Mendocino, CA

May – June 2016 Japan, Slow Fiber Studios Japan Program

April – May 2016 Workshops in Amsterdam, Demo and Lecture in Tilburg, Paris, Lyon, etc.

March 2016  2D-3D Workshop at Slow Fiber Studios, Berkeley

January 2016 Japanese Masters Quartet Workshop Tour to Shanghai, China, at JinZe Art Center with the Slow Fiber Studios


November – December 2015 Sweden, invited by Iaspis // The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s International Program for Visual and Applied Arts

November 2015 Stockholm, Talk for The Swedish Shibori Society (Svenska Shiborisällskapet)

November 2015 Lindingo,”Boro” Talk at the HV-Textil

November 2015 Lindingo,”Shibori and Indigo” Workshop for Iaspis

November 2015 Stockholm,”Contemporary and historical Japanese textiles – Dress, Fashion and Dyeing in Japan”  Lecture at Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities/ Östasiatiska Museet

November 2015 Stockholm, “Kimono, Origami, and Modules” Workshop at Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities/ Östasiatiska Museet

October – November 2015 LongHouse Reserve 5th biennial “Insider’s Tour to Japan

October 2015Colors of America: Cochineal Workshop” at UC Botanical Garden, Berkeley

October 2015 Slow Fiber Studios hosting a gallery talk event at the Asian Art Museum with Carol Bier

October 2015 “Gifts from the Earth: Growing Plants for Dyeing in the 21st Century” at Made/Aware, Surface Design Association’s Craft + Concept Intensive 2015: Socially Engaged Practices

October 2015 Arrowmont Pre-Intensive Workshop in association with SDA Intensive

September 2015 Oaxaca and surrounds, Mexico for 10iss preparatory meetings and visits

August 2015 Slow Fiber Studios presents: Jiro Yonezawa from Japan, basketry artist and sculptor, Bay Area, CA


August 2015 /Bamboo Accessory Workshop B taught by Japanese master bamboo artist, Jiro Yonezawa, hosted by Yoshiko I Wada

August 2015 3 & 1/2 Day Advanced Basketry Workshop taught by Japanese master bamboo artist, Jiro Yonezawa, hosted by Yoshiko I. Wada

August 2015 Memory on Cloth: A Dialog with Material – Indigo and Boro workshop, Mendocino Arts Center, Mendocino, CA. This workshop is full. To be placed on the waiting list, Register Here

August 2015 Natural Dye Exhibition: – Gallery Talk, Mendocino Arts Center, Mendocino, CA


July 2015 Traveled through Uzbekistan

June – July 2015 Invited to Turkmenistan, Ashgabat and Turkmenabat

May – June 2015 SFS Japan Tour: Registration Now Open

April – May 2015 Workshop at Richmond Art Center, “Boro: A Dialogue with Material Patched, Pieced and Darned,” details TBD

March – April 2015 Workshop at Richmond Art Center, “Boro: A Dialogue with Material Patched, Pieced and Darned”, 2 Saturday classes, 10am-4pm

March 2015 Tattered Rags: The Art of Boro, Lecture, Textile Arts Council, Koret Auditorium, De Young Museum, San Francisco, CA. 10 am.

March 2015 Boro and Indigo Workshop, at The Kaneko, 9am – 4pm

March 2015 Lecture about Meisen Kimono Collection at The Kaneko, 7 pm

March 2015 Workshop, demo and lecture at Sanskriti Kendra on BORO and organic indigo dyeing. Contact Ms. Shubhra Tandon for details. <shubhra [at] sanskritifoundation [dot] org>

March 2015 Presentation in partnership with Priya Ravish Mehra, in a program called “Bearing Witness” at the Amaltas Hall at Habitat Centre, 7 pm. New Delhi, India. Hosted by the Lila Foundation.

February – March 2015SFS India Tour

February 2015 Yoshiko’s Meisen Kimono collection on exhibition at The Kaneko, Omaha, NB


December 2014 Opening of Contemporary Art of Shibori and Ikat at Foshan Art Institute, Foshan, China.

December 2014 Slow Fiber Talk, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm, S710 (The Hub), Block A, PMQ, Hong Kong, China.

December 2014 Opening of Mnemonikos at the Fashion Gallery, Institute of Textile and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

November 2014 Post-Conference Silk Road Tour, China

November 2014 Post-Conference Tour to Wenzhou, China

October – November 2014 9th International Shibori Symposium, China National Silk Museum, Hangzhou

October 2014 ISEND/ WEFT, Taipei, Taiwan

October 2014 Opening of the 9ISS exhibitions, Hangzhou, China

September 2014 : Safekeeper Vest Truck Show, Bay Area, CA

September 2014 : TSA Conference, Los Angeles, CA

August 2014 Workshop on Organic Dyes to Pigments for SDA Alberta, Organized by I of the Needle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


August 2014 Workshop on Shibori as 3-D Transformation for SDA Alberta, Organized by I of the Needle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

August 2014 Lecture on Slow Fiber Studios for SDA Alberta, Organized by I of the Needle, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

August 2014 Lecture: Tattered Rags, LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

July 2014 Lecture at the Seattle Asian Art Museum for the exhibition Deco Japan

July 2014 Workshop at the Seattle Asian Art Museum for the exhibition Deco Japan

June 2014 3 Day Workshop for the public, Contemporary Textile Studio, Toronto, CANADA

June 2014 Public Lecture: Slow FiberContemporary Textile Studio, Toronto, CANADA

June 2014 4 Day Workshop for CTS C0-Op Members, Contemporary Textile Studio, Toronto, CANADA

June 2014 Shakerag 2014

May – June 2014 SFS Tour, Japan:

  • [19(18) – 23 May, 2014] Pre-Tour Extension to Benesse Art Site and Islands
  • [23 (22) May – 09 June, 2013] Main SFS Program

March 2014 Film Screening and Indigo Vat Demonstration at the UC Botanical Gardens.

March 2014 Organic Indigo Vat Lecture and Demo w/ Aline Dargie at The Possible, Berkeley Art Museum

2014 Release of NDW III “Colors of Europe”



November 2013 Mini-symposium at JTAC with Kinor Jiang and Guoxiang Yuan from HK and Masha Mioni from Switzerland moderated by Yoshiko, Bangkok, Thailand

November 2013 JTAC Gallery Tours for Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand

October – November 2013 Tour, LongHouse Reserve Reserve Insider’s Tour to Japan

October 2013 Master Class-Memory on Cloth: A Dialogue with MaterialArrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Gatlinburg, TN

September – October 2013 Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia, International Forum for Natural Dyes, Lauris, France

September 2013 Safekeeper Vest Trunk SHow, 696 Hilldale Ave, Berkeley, CA

August 2013 Hangzhou, Shanghai, China

August 2013 November,2013

August 2013 Exhibition:  “mnēmonikos: – Art of Memory in Contemporary Textile Art,” Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

July – August 2013 Session 5 Workshop-Boro Transformed: Quilting, patching, resist-dyeing, organic indigo vat, and creating memories on clothPenland School of Crafts, Penland, NC

May – June 2013 SFS Tour, Japan [16 June – 23 June] Hangzhou, China, China Academy of Art

May 2013 Kimono Celebration, a Slow Fiber Studios Talk & Demo in Berkeley, CA


Thailand & China, Research Conference at China National Silk Museum

Release of DVD Natural Dye Workshop II with Michel Garcia “Colors of the Americas on Wool fibers using Sustainable Methods”