Traditional Japanese

Sampling of possible topics:

  • Kitsch to Art Moderne: Popular Textiles for Women in the First Half of Twentieth Century Japan
  • Boro: repair and re-used rags from Japan and manifestations in contemporary art
  • Kasuri
  • Techniques of Ikat: Warp, Weft, Double and Figure Ikat
  • Folk Textiles of Japan
  • Kasuri, Shibori, Katazome, Tsutsugaki, Sashiko, Kogin, and Sakiori
  • Sakiori and Other Recycling Traditions in Japanese Rural Clothing
  • Indigo Dyeing Traditions
  • Functional Textiles: Futon, Furoshiki, Noren and others
  • Firemen’s Jackets and the Phenomenon of Firefighting in Edo Japan
  • Paste-Resist Dyeing: Katazome, Tsutsugaki, and Yuzen
  • Three Major Resist Dyed Textiles: Tie-Dye, Ikat, and Paste Resist
  • Survey of Japanese Costume History
  • Japanese Costume Construction
  • Folk Costume of Japan
  • Washi: Japanese Paper
  • Art and Culture of Japan
  • No Tan: Japanese Design Principles