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Selected Bibliography for LHR INSIDERS TOUR TO JAPAN
Compiled by Tour Leader Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada


(1) Rukyu Archipelago


Ishigaki Island


Iriomote Island


Taketomi Island


Okinawa (Kenritsu)


Shuri Castle


Miyahira, Hatusuko


Michiko Uehara (silk weaver)


Jissei Omine (potter)



(2) Kagoshima


Shobu Gakuen

Momijiyama Museum


(3) Kumamoto



(4) Onta Kiln



(5) Kannawa Hot Springs


Beppu Hot Springs



(6) Naoshima Bunkamara (cultural village)


Benesse House and Museum: a contermporary art heaven designed by Tadao Ando on Naoshima Island



(7) Miho Museum by I. M. Pei



(8) Nara


Shosoin Exhibition



9) Tokyo


Jürgenleil Lehl


Issey Miyake


21_21 Design Sight (Tokyo Mid-town)


Muji Store


Suntory Museum by Kengo Kuma


Hara Museum by Arata Isozaki


The New Museum by Kisho Kurokawa


Gallery Shun and Gallery Muu


Nuno Corporation



Architecture, Modernism and Fine Art

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Gardens, Temples, Shrines and Castles

Kumamoto Castle


Kumamoto Garden


Iso Teien, Kagoshima Garden


Todaiji Temple



Textiles & Fashion

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